These long lazy days of summer are slowly giving way. Being replaced instead by cool evenings, crisp fruits and a steady movement towards the home.

Labor day was marked by activity as we pulled up the remainder of our summer vegetables, painted Pepper's closet and cleaned the cobwebs from the joints of our many windows which have remained open all summer long.


The children followed us around as we went about our tasks, Campbell keeping up a constant flow of conversation as the little ones offered regular amusement.

Isaac, looking ragamuffin as usual, caught a chicken.

And our normally prim and proper little girl spent well over an hour in the mud under our apricot tree, squishing handfuls between her fingers and lecturing any bug that happened to wander nearby. By the time she was finished her little pink outfit was covered in mud and she looked like Miss Piggy.


There was a time not that long ago when I never could have imagined a weekend spent in such a quiet and satisfying manner. But I reckon that even as the warmth of home calls us indoors when the outside world turns cool and dark, so my heart has been pulled home by the love and warmth which flows so freely from this dear family.