I remember when I was a young woman and first learned how to use my eyes to flirt and to beguile.
What a dangerous weapon they quickly became!!
My children are already realizing they can use them to their advantage. The day Chris' mom came to visit us from Australia Isaac was on her lap giving her a rowdy hello. She dipped her head to kiss him just as he tried to headbutt her chest and she ended up receiving a bloody nose! But it was impossible for her to be angry at him, he just appeared so cute and innocent.
And really, who can resist a set of those baby blues?


Aside from the obvious beauty of these darling handmade linens, they are precious to me simply because of the shear amount of work that I know must have gone into them. Most of these were recently rescued from a local thrift shop. After my initial shock that someone would actually even send them there I snatched them up and squirreled them away.
It wasn't until after they were safely home and had been handwashed, starched, pressed and folded that I began to wonder what I was actually going to do with them. It seemed like such a shame to tuck them away in my closet where they wouldn't be displayed.
Gradually they have found homes in my nooks and crannies. One tucked in a little basket on Pepper's dresser, a few decorating the top of our commode, memories of a time when needlecraft was precious and women took pride in their handwork.

As I sit down at my own hoop this morning to begin the day's stitches I contemplate the work of women who came before me and can't help but wonder if one day my projects will also fall through the cracks and be forever lost and forgotten, or if like my thrift store linens they too will be found (and rescued!) by a stranger who sees a value greater than simply having something new.


Our first picnic of the year was spent with friends.

Not much eating was done, but there was plenty of laughter to go around and lots of model rocket launches as well.

Pepper thought it was exciting that she had a friend to play with, and the two girls spent lots of time staring at each other, as babies often do. Isaac wore his slippers and stuck his feet into the photo just in time. He really is a bit of a rascal at times.

Next week I'll be following Amanda's lead and doing a "What I Love" set.
Until then enjoy your holiday!


My bed used to be situated so that at night I could look right out the window. From there I spent many a sleepless night staring above the trees which whispered gently in the evening breeze at the stars as they twisted and turned, at the silvery clouds wandering past, and at the moon as it ambled slowly along it's track.

Sadly, my bed has now been moved to make way for furniture and other such practicalities, and I often lie in bed staring at the blank white ceiling wishing I was in Pepper's crib.

This is what she has to stare at, a jumble of silken fairies fluttering above her head, dancing in the occasional breeze that makes it's way through her open window on a warm night. Twisting and turning; and, I like to imagine, maybe sprinkling her with a dust that brings good will, like Tinkerbell sending her on wild adventures full of mystery and adventure.

If you could gaze at anything as you drifted off at night what would it be?


Lately my mind has been racing with new ideas.
Start a blog
Create things for Etsy
Work in the garden!!!
So many ideas swirling in my head, I think it must be spring.

Do you also feel refreshed and ready for new things once the snow is gone and the grass is green?

Does the glimpse of a beautiful fabric also send your wheels turning?

And so finally I have heeded the call and along with the many projects I am currenly working on I started these, soon for sale.
Today I am crafting and cleaning and playing and writing with my children by my side.
Oh what a beautiful day!