Snow has been forecast for Thanksgiving here. It snowed once already last month. Somewhat strange for Mid-October but welcome nonetheless given the dry weather we've had. I have ordered wool felt, beeswax, cotton wick, spices in bulk, some good Virginia wine and various other necessities in preparation for holiday crafting.

I am ready to begin.

The wind is strong. It steals our breath and makes our eyes water; but we are bundled and cozy, with new sweaters for all, sent with love from Nana in Australia.


She is walking! Who ever said she could do that?

Pepper didn't start walking like the boys did. With them it was a careful balancing and wobbling in the air with arms outstretched before the tentative step and tumble to the ground, followed by them getting straight up and trying again.

I saw Pepper waiting and calculating for days. She would stand and play but never attempt a step and then, when she was ready, she stood up and walked across the room.

Across the room! Just like that.

I made a big deal of course. It was a combination for me of a happily overflowing heart and this profound sadness that my baby was growing up and there was nothing I could do about it.

So pleased was she with the fuss I made that she quickly stood up again, grinning from here to there; and walked forwards, backwards,sideways and finally burst out laughing so hysterically that she fell to the ground giggling wildly.

Then I fell down beside her and we both laughed together.