My bed used to be situated so that at night I could look right out the window. From there I spent many a sleepless night staring above the trees which whispered gently in the evening breeze at the stars as they twisted and turned, at the silvery clouds wandering past, and at the moon as it ambled slowly along it's track.

Sadly, my bed has now been moved to make way for furniture and other such practicalities, and I often lie in bed staring at the blank white ceiling wishing I was in Pepper's crib.

This is what she has to stare at, a jumble of silken fairies fluttering above her head, dancing in the occasional breeze that makes it's way through her open window on a warm night. Twisting and turning; and, I like to imagine, maybe sprinkling her with a dust that brings good will, like Tinkerbell sending her on wild adventures full of mystery and adventure.

If you could gaze at anything as you drifted off at night what would it be?

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