Sweet Pepper is mobile now, and getting around at a pace much faster than I feel capable of keeping up with.

It started about a month ago with her putting her two hands forward and rocking, then she started scooting her butt and now she is everywhere and in everything! She is especially fascinated with her big brother Isaac and follows him all over our house.

Even though he acts grumpy towards her I think that he inwardly enjoys the adoration of someone smaller than himself, and spends countless hours shouting orders at her and bossing her around. She is never dismayed by this, but instead hands him toys in exchange for his stomping and beautiful smiles to melt even his fiercest frowns.

Despite the extra mess and constant worry it is nice to have her moving herself around behind the boys. It seems like she needs me a little less these days; they all do, and though it is a bit of a relief I still feel some sadness at how quickly they grow. I often sit beside my three little ones, close but not too involved, and watch them playing so nicely together. It is my sincere desire that as they each grow in their own way that their growing will be like their playing, together; and that by the time they reach adulthood they will be mature individuals who share the closest of bonds. That bond of Family.


I am Jen said...

Isn't she the cutest, those eyes! I am sure she looks darling in her new onesie. I love watching all of mine play together. It's hilarious to see the little one trying and keeping up with the big ones.

ellie said...

This is a lovely post. My little one is only moments off learning to crawl, while her big brother runs about. And the same thing of him being mean to her, but having that loving heart. I too hope they grow and play together up through to adulthood.

Blue Yonder said...

Oh smoochie little Pepper! When my third became mobile, I got pretty certain, pretty fast that three perfect, wonderful little blessings was all that I could handle :-) It makes me smile too, to see that my guys are such tight buddies. Have a great weekend!