She is walking! Who ever said she could do that?

Pepper didn't start walking like the boys did. With them it was a careful balancing and wobbling in the air with arms outstretched before the tentative step and tumble to the ground, followed by them getting straight up and trying again.

I saw Pepper waiting and calculating for days. She would stand and play but never attempt a step and then, when she was ready, she stood up and walked across the room.

Across the room! Just like that.

I made a big deal of course. It was a combination for me of a happily overflowing heart and this profound sadness that my baby was growing up and there was nothing I could do about it.

So pleased was she with the fuss I made that she quickly stood up again, grinning from here to there; and walked forwards, backwards,sideways and finally burst out laughing so hysterically that she fell to the ground giggling wildly.

Then I fell down beside her and we both laughed together.

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ellie said...

Hello, It's good you're back!
I've heard of babies doing this - how amazing for Pepper to just walk straight away. What wonderful times ahead - running (away), chasing. My little one isn't walking yet, but she so wants to and practices on the couches often.