life has been giving me a bruising lately to be sure! fortunately i am not sure that my family has suffered quite as much as this blog has, but i have fought tooth and nail for balance, positive energy and inspiration in my life recently.

my dear husband has picked up a lot of slack as i spent months in the throes of extended morning sickness, only climbing out of bed to hug the kids or crawl to work. he attacked homeschooling, gardening, cleaning and cooking with a vengeance, enforcing strict schedules and discipline upon the children, pets and myself. it may not be my own personal style, but by golly it worked for him, and i even have to admit that my children seem happier and more settled after a few months in his active and project oriented company.

it has been a pleasure to pull my computer up to my pillow in the mornings and spend some time in the company of my favorite bloggers and thanks to them now that i am returning to normal, with my stomach settled and my belly already rounding out, i feel full of enough new ideas and inspiration.

a lot has changed since i last looked around. the fridge needs a good sorting out, my room is piled high with clothes that need folding, my kids have grown bigger and smarter, our apricot tree is full of fruit this year and our little garden is lush and green. i will be happy to roll up my sleeves and be on my feet again!

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Hausfrau said...

Hi lamzeydievey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I will look forward to reading more about your homeschooling - one of my big interests now that I have a little one of my own. Take care,