Weekend Projects

Family weekends are our opportunity to get a little extra done around here, and seems as though we are always working on one thing or another. Sometimes our projects are planned ahead and sometimes we just fly by the seat of our pants. I thought it would be kind of fun to use my Monday post to talk about our project from the weekend before..kind of as a Weekend Idea Gallery.

Hope you enjoy.

Weekend Projects
Idea #1: Dispatch a Chicken

Yup. You read that right.
We hadn't planned on eating this gorgeous egg layer but after an unfortunate run-in with Bird (our dog) it seemed like the humane thing to do.

Here is our victim:

Here is the man of the house.
Looking smart and handsome before starting his dirty work.

Here are his helpers.

Cam actually assisted with the hanging and plucking. Izey was in charge of telling our dog off for 'hurting the best and most favorite chicken in the whole world, when there will never be one as wonderful as her ever again.' Bird seemed duly chastised and has not gone near the chicken cage since.

We will skip the dirty work and go straight to dinnertime reactions over eating a precious pet.

So far so good...

Getting better...

Wow! So tasty that in his haste to devour a juicy leg he skipped the veggies and went straight to forgetting his table manners!

Well the natives have spoken and the hen lived a life well spent. Providing us with hours of entertainment, delicious eggs and finally- a tasty meal.

And as an aside, did you know hens don't naturally have *that much* meat on them after all? And that they are actually a much darker meat with a rich, slightly nutty flavor? Storebought meat now seems very unnatural. So now starting with that meal, except for when we can eat own home raised meat, we are officially vegetarians.

Anyone know where we can get some rabbits?

The End.


Verde said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

We'll have to get to dispaching the roosters this fall. Right now they are fuzzy and cute - but allready sparring with one another.

Hausfrau said...

This reminds me of when our 2 dogs killed ALL of the chickens (10 or so?) when I was in middle school. Dad ran out with a shotgun. Thought he was going to kill the dogs. Instead me and the bro ended up digging a mass chicken grave. That was fun. :)

SKISLN said...

Once for a week-long survivalist scout camp we ate a couple of rabbits. If I remember correctly, our leader just picked them up at a pet store and remained tight-lipped when the store worker explained how to care for them. We named them Lunch and Brunch.