There is over a foot of snow outside and a sick baby inside. The kids have made their snowmen, their snow fort, their snow thrones and now we are inside trying not to get restless.

It helps that we had a Christmas tree to set up, and snowflakes to cut out.

It helps that Campbell doesn't mind keeping an eye on his baby sister while he reads the Lemony Snicket novels so that I can take care of the other children.

It helps that their father is helping them make a very cool castle out of paper, and that when he is not available they can play Cathedral together, and that when they are tired of Cathedral he tapes together an entire room-full of newspaper so that they can color in castles, knights and dragons.

And it helps that at the end of the day they all (for the most part) go to sleep nicely. And that I am left with a moment of peace, rocking Gypsy in the soft glow of the Christmas lights.

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Laura said...

I love the pictures, Sarah. Thanks for sharing. I, too, have been enjoying quiet evening moments in the glow of Christmas lights ... except I snuggle with the cats. Anyway, Merry Christmas!