If there is one thing that has really captured Isaac's interest while his grandfather is here it is the carpentry.

My father is a skilled woodworker and he has wasted no time in getting the children involved with his projects. Currently they are building a chicken coop. But when grampy is busy doing other things there is still plenty to be done. Isaac gathers up the wood scraps, the sawdust, the nails and his hammer and spends ages pounding, sifting and sorting.

Chris and I are going out of town for our anniversary tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to spend some couple time. Not that we need a break from our little darlings so much as we just need quiet time with each other! We'll be staying at what I think may very well be the only Victorian in the entire state of New Mexico. Although I am seriously looking forward to a little quiet and relaxation with him it is starting to look like Pepper may be tagging along after all. She is nine months old and still refuses pretty much everything but the breast.

However, we will see about that tomorrow. Until then, I'll keep planning our wonderful and romantic child-free weekend.

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stefani said...

Love that little woodworker! So cute. And Pepper... can I tell you how much I dig that name. So saucy and spunky!