In the mail this week, a sunny package to cheer up a dear friend.

My parents are here visiting us from Virginia for a while, which is why I didn't post at all last week. It is so nice to have them nearby again and my Mom has been hard at work cutting, sewing and brainstorming in an effort to squeeze plenty of projects in for the kids during her stay. If she had her way they would be stocked up with completely new wardrobes, fresh curtains upon the windows and quilts for all.

The kids, of course, have entirely different plans and are constantly chasing parents and grandparents alike with pleas of "Can you play cars with us? Can you read books to us? Can we all play together under the sprinklers?"

Why yes, of course we can! Because that is what time with Grandparents is for.

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I am Jen said...

Hi there - Thanks for visiting me. I will visit you often. I love your blog so far and your children are cuties!