As I was thinking this weekend about Low Impact Week and what it means to my family, and myself in particular, I began mentally listing changes we have made over the past couple years to reduce our footprint on the environment.
Here are some practical things we have integrated into our lifestyle. Some of them are big (like choosing a home near the places we frequent in order to be able to ride our bike or walk), some are small. But I think that each choice serves to streamline our vision and clarify our thinking, so that in each decision whether large or small, we are more conscious of the bigger picture around us.

Currently we are:

Using cloth diapers & wipes
Buying biodegradable detergents & cleaners.
Push lawnmower instead of gas driven.
Eating organic/local produce whenever possible.
We make all meals from scratch (not pre-packaged or prepared)
Turn off lights we aren't using.
Only buy what we *need*
No battery operated toys.
Use rechargeable batteries only.
Replacing appliances and bulbs with low energy ones, when needed.
Riding our bike or walking instead of using the car (this includes grocery shopping)
Wearing only natural fibers.
Using cotton bags when shopping.
Not buying garbage bags but instead re-using plastic shopping bags for trash.
Keeping heater as cool as possible in the winter (wearing sweaters when necessary)
No Air Conditioning.
Running a small wholesale natural products co-op to encourage other people in the green lifestyle as well.

I encourage you to evaluate your own lifestyle and see where you can make changes. We live in town on 1/5 of an acre, and yet we find space to garden and do other things that are important to us. You don't need 40 acres to live well. Crunchy Chicken has listed many areas where changes can be made and awareness increased. Good luck!!!

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