Can you see it? That future juicy sweet plump golden apricot right up there in the left corner?
What you are looking at is the very first of what I am hoping will be a bountiful crop. We did have a couple pretty hard frosts late in the season this year, but after waiting all that time, with only the expectation of, come spring, being able to sink our teeth into delicious fresh fruit to get us through ... you can see the type of pressure that poor tree is under to perform nicely.
And if only you could see our little strawberry patch, green and brimming with blooms, your mouth would surely water.
This is what I love; the expectations and excitement, the two (or three or four) daily walks out to the apricot tree to count how many little green balls we can find hiding amongst the green, green leaves. Watching them grow and form, and the conversations my children make with me about when they will be ready and how they will taste and what delicious foods we can dream up to put them in.

Today marks the beginning of Low Impact Week, bravely organized by Crunchy Chicken . I'll be sharing on Monday what we personally have done to lessen our impact on the environment.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Miss Janelle said...

Thank you, Sarah, for the thoughtful comment you left on my blog. It is great to hear someone out there likes what I'm doing! I highly recommend leraning to knit and/or spin. It can be very relaxing and meditative.
Keep in touch!