One priceless porcelain washbowl, over 107 years old and seven generations in our family, destroyed in under five seconds by a single curious youngster. So sad.

After last week's frustrating pace, broken computer and testy tempers everyone was relieved that today was both pleasant and only slightly busy. Once the children were in bed I set to work bustling around the kitchen. Projects are usually best done at night here and this quiet evening peace is wonderful after a full day, it gives me a moment to wind down, relax and prepare for the following days activities.

It is late now, but perhaps tomorrow I will show you the fruit of my labors.


miguette said...

Oh, what a shame. Kids will be kids, I guess. I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for the great read!

ellie said...

You must have stopped and stared when it broke. I hope you find something wonderful to make with the broken pieces - maybe start something new for the next generations (?).
I love that silence when everyone's asleep. So tangible, so much sudden energy to complete things. Both my little ones fell asleep at 4pm today (they woke up again before bedtime), so I was able to make dinner in silence. Bliss...