Oh dear readers,
I am so sorry to have ditched you like this, without even an explanation as to where I had gone or what I'd be doing. The truth is that I thought I would have time to post a little "going away" message before leaving for a friend's wedding in Memphis but carefully laid plans quickly gave way to chaos as I readied myself for the trip.

Memphis is home to lots of amazing antique malls. It is quite impossible to do any shopping without rescuing at least a vintage hat or two...

Now I am back home and life has taken an unexpected turn. A non-profit organization that I have been volunteering at has asked me to fill a part- time position they had available. Now, you must understand that I thought I would never have to work again and I am even ashamed to admit that I have at times felt somewhat snobbish towards mothers who could stay home but choose to work instead. But this org. provides a service which I am passionate about and if they need me how can I say no?

And so now after being a wife and a mother, in between gardening and homeschooling, and right before crafting and canning; I will be working part-time.


By the way, this is the picture I promised two weeks ago. Jars and jars of Plum Jam, Stewed Plums and Apricot Jam. Oh dear, surely I will still have time to can all the Apple Butter and Apple Sauce which is coming up next? We shall see...


Stefani said...

You're back!!!! You were missed! And look at you, hot Mama with your jam and vintage hat! Here's to all the worthy causes in your life!

I am Jen said...

You've been busy and sounds like work will be a nice break?! Those canned fruits looks yummy!