Chris and the boys helped with baking our weekly loaves last night.
I don't know what they did differently this time around but later that night when the timer went off I opened the oven door and this is what I found.

The bread actually rose so much it was almost touching the roof of the oven and the loaves were lopsided and stuck to each other. Do you also think they look as if they are kissing one another? To be honest I felt almost guilty walking in on them!

Since starting my job I have just felt so uninspired at home. Even though it is part time I feel as though my brain is constantly there. I keep hoping that surely balance will come again soon. And so the little times like these become even more precious, when something unexpected happens which brings my heart once more back home, the place where it loves to be most of all.


Blogging Molly said...

It looks to me like a pair of boxing gloves, poised and ready to deliver a punch. I love homemade bread, but I'm still dependent on my bread machine.

ellie said...

It does look like they're kissing -or two heads resting, leaning slightly in, supporting each other quietly. It's wonderful, isn't it, how little and simple things stop us and bring us back to where our hearts are.

pen & purl said...

Wow! What are you putting in those loaves! Fantastic, and yes - oddly cute.