It rains here

As a kid in Memphis I remember days and days of light rains. At the end of almost every summer day the clouds would roll in and gently cover our hot city in cool water- causing mist to rise from off the streets. My dog and I would go walking and I would enjoy the sound of water dripping off the trees and the feeling of raindrops running down my cheeks.

Where I live now the rains are not as friendly. We have no rain at all most of the time with a couple weeks of thundering downpours during the summer and then everything is dry again. The other day though, we had a Memphis rain. My kids and I congregated in the carport to listen to the water dripping and hear the birds singing through it. Towards the end Pepper and I went puddle splashing. It was fun to watch her twirl, splash and run in the water. We watched the water pouring into the storm drain and made up songs about it dripping off trees.

The next day everything was dry again but the plants in our garden had magically grown bigger, greener and happier. We felt happier too.

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