Since I first began blogging I had been posting three times a week. But this week I've commited to posting every day, and it's kind of strange, this new quiet little end-to-the-day-ritual of a glass of wine and time spent browsing some of my favorite spots.

In Old Town Albuquerque there is a little cobblestone side street. The ancient shops which line its path decorate their doors with chimes and brilliant banners. We walked down this street many times during our weekend and every time I couldn't help but pause and admire this.

What a cute knobbly little stump this is!! I wonder how old it is and how it managed to be twisted into such an odd shape. This is located directly outside a small photo gallery and I can't help imagining that one of the local artists saw it while visiting the gallery, recognized it's potential and added the horns and eyes. Either way it must definitely be
the niftiest bull ever.

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