The Rio Grande Botanic Garden in Albuquerque has a 10 acre working farm complete with plow horses, apple orchards and the most amazing strawberry patch I've ever seen. Chris and I toured devoured the farm during our weekend and it left quite an impression. Since then I admit I've been somewhat distracted. Added among my current stack of reading material is now Barnyard in your Backyard by Gail Damerow and most browsed site of the week would have to be Farmgirl Fare and her accompanying blog Writings from Windridge.

Although I am quite content with the home we have here it has always been my desire to live on a slightly larger piece of property with room to explore the outdoors and space for some proper farm animals. Over the past couple years my husband has also begun to share this dream. Do you also find life becomes so much easier when you and your partner both can work together towards achieving mutual goals?

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