This is the final picture in my set of Anniversary posts and even though it has been fun sharing all this with you I'm very ready now to draw back in and start writing about home and my darling babes again.

It was a tough call deciding the best picture to post as my last, but in the end this one beat out, amongst others, the flamenco dancers in the square and the delicious gourmet food we gorged ouselves upon. Can you believe I actually stopped my husband with his fork poised in mid-air just so that I could take a picture for my blog before he got a bite??? No, he wasn't very happy about it and shifted quite impatiently in his chair while I adjusted my settings and experimented with appropriate angles.

Out in front of a genuine one hundred percent Indian owned Trading Post was this man, delighting passerby as he performed a very lively dance to drum beats and chants projected over a large boom box. Frequently an excited holler or whoop would pierce the air, but for the main part he stomped his feet, leapt in the air and brandished a stick which was decorated on top with a large bird skull, all in the scorching >90 degree heat. Quite brave, if you ask me.

Now my boys would like a costume like this and althought I've got the face paints covered I don't know where on earth I could find that much leather, bone and feathers. Any suggestions?

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