It is the heat of summer here, and everything around us is arid and sparse. On our walk the dirt crunched beneath our feet. I felt like some sort of Pioneer Woman, braving her way through the southwestern frontier.

We explored a sandy mound with huge boulders gracing the top, we admired many twisted and withered trees, and Isaac found treasure.

I love the way he finds wonder and excitement in even the simplest things, and I hope that he never loses his enthusiasm for the life around him. Currently when he is not collecting rocks, weeds and sticks his creativity is finding outlet through dressing himself with a mesclun mix of varying styles all thrown into one very creative outfit. On the menu today; large sunhat, oversized bib, plaid dress shirt, camo pants and slippers.

Finally at the end of a trying day, peace. Quiet and gentle, it envelopes us and prepares us for the road ahead.


stefani said...

Love that last photo! And a boy who dresses himself is so much fun :-)

I am Jen said...

I love the rosy cheeks...and thanks for the link. I will have to check it out.